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January Quarterly meeting

January 29, 2018

BCHS's Quarterly Meeting on January 25th featured Dr. Gene Preuss and The Honorable Gonzalo Barrientos speaking on The Social and Legal Significance of the Delgado vs. Bastrop (1948) Case in the History of Texas Civil Rights.  Over 40 attendees enjoyed the presentation along with a lively question and answer period afterward.

2018 Garage Sale Update

January 14, 2020

BCHS Garage Sale Volunteer Reunion honoring the

2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 Garage Sale Volunteers


3 PM Sunday, January 14


Mark your calendars for an afternoon of fun and reminiscing, as the Museum recognizes the efforts of our phenomenal Garage Sale Volunteers.

For more information about the event, or to make certain we have your contact information, please call Glenda Dayton, 512.718.1102, or email at

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2017 6th BCHS Community-Wide Garage & Estate Sale is an outstanding success!

May 12, 2017

The 6th Bastrop County Historical Society Community-Wide Garage & Estate Sale added sales of $34,500 to support the operations of the Historical Society's whose mission is to preserve and promote the history of Bastrop County. The event, which was our most successful ever, was held April 21 and 22 at the First Baptist Church Building located at 915 Highway 71 West.


  • Over 200 donors contributed services and goods including clothing, jewelry, toys, sporting equipment, art, vintage and antique items, home goods, gardening, and furniture, until the 10,000-square foot building was bursting at the seams.

  • Over 186 volunteers gave countless hours, many of whom worked for over a month to receive, sort, price and stage donations that exceeded 10,000 items, and then staffed the event during the day and a half of the sale.


We are so very grateful to our major sponsors who played a critical role in making the event not only possible but such a rousing success! The First Baptist Church and Dr. Raymond Edge, pastor, generously donated their property for the Historical Society’s use for the six-week period that it took to prepare for the sale, hold the event, and return the building to its original state. And hats off to Phyllis Tadlock, our church liaison!


And, for the last two events, Bobby and Terri Harriman of Lone Star Storage donated storage space for the items that the Society has been collecting in preparation for this sale since the last one was over in 2015! We are indebted to you for your generous support of our community!


The Bastrop Police Department and the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office provided invaluable assistance to make this a safe weekend for everyone. That was an almost herculean task given the number of shoppers who thronged the Early Buyers Sneak Peek on Friday evening and the sale on Saturday.  We would also like to thank Aqua Water Supply for the swift response to a burst water line in the parking lot that threatened to soak our shoppers!


Friday evening's Sneak Peek, the early buyers event, was coordinated by Sharah Johnson and Debbi Goertz. They worked with the following individuals and businesses to provide cookies, water, and the many exciting silent auction and raffle items. Donors were:


Sneak Peek Raffle and Silent Auction Donors

Ella Bedford                                                        Main Street Cafe

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative                            Maxine’s Café & Bakery

Capitol Wright Distributing                                    Cynthia Meyer, Body Toners

Sandra Chipley                                                    Neighbor’s Kitchen & Yard

Colo Vista Golf Club                                             Linda Neubauer

Betty Dunkerley                                                   Paw Paw’s Catfish House

First National Bank of Bastrop                               Relic’s Jewelry & Gift Emporium

Frontier Bank of Texas                                         Sarah Taylor

Marilyn Glass                                                     Schlotzsky’s Bastrop 

Gracie’s                                                             Simply Sweet Cupcakes

David & Sharah Johnson                                      Texas Boot Company 

Marilyn Kuhn                                                      Viejo’s Taco y Tequila

Liberty Glenn of Texas                                         Gisele Vocal  

Lost Pines Toyota                                                Kay Wesson 

Mary McMurrey                                                  Suzi Zelensky 

Also, a great BIG shout-out to some really special folks:

Bastrop County Texas Exes for making the garage sale their 2017 community project, and raising a storage unit chock-full of great items for the sale. And a special thanks to Bill Ennis for taking care of the rental on that special unit! 

Bill Crawford for providing the sound system and making at least 100 announcements over the two days of the event. Bill was tireless – go, Bill!

Debbie Denny, best-all-round raffle ticket seller in Bastrop!

To the ‘Hunky Guys,’ those indispensable men with trucks ………… and flatbed trailers, and sometimes with nothing but “brawn,” we are SO grateful for your transporting, moving (occasionally multiple times), and sometimes just shoving about all those really LARGE items. This year the ‘Hunky Guy’ awards go to Mike Helmick, Tom Scott, Terry Sanders, Mark McLaurin, Jeff Kirk, and Bill Szelag.  Whew!  Thanks!


Jane Hunt, Telling Your Story, for providing the graphics for our flyers, posters, and postcards this year.


King’s Highway Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, for making the garage sale their 2017 community project, and to the members who donated countless hours to help prepare for the sale.   We couldn’t have done it without you.


Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp, Capital Area Council. These folks are always there for the Historical Society, and we cannot thank you enough.


Kaye Sapikas, BCHS’s newest staff member and director, and our tech guru for the sale. Welcome aboard, Kaye!


Serenity Star of Smithville, the heavy lifters behind delivering and returning the over 150 tables used during the event, for picking up we can’t even count how many trailer loads of donations, and for loading the customer purchases during the event.   You rock!


And to Bits and Pieces, Ladies of Charity, Family Crisis Center, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bastrop Public Library, Primera Baptist Church, Goodwill, and the Reclothing Project (in the name of the Children’s Advocacy Center) who helped us keep the event’s remaining items out of the landfills. They are indispensable partners in one of Bastrop’s largest recycling projects!


We also appreciate the following folks who helped make the event possible: Anderson Coffee Company, Austin, Central Market, Austin, Central Texas Barricades, EMS Party Rental, Family Crisis Center, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Monarch Disposal, and St. Paul Church, Smithville. 


Together We Made a Difference for Our Community, and for BCHS!


Our heartfelt thanks to the following donors who provided the merchandise and services that made the sale such a huge success, kept items out of the landfill, and helped shoppers to purchase needed items at extremely reasonable prices. And speaking of the landfill... we are proud to report that we properly disposed of plastic, cardboard and metal, for recycling.

2017 BCHS Garage & Estate Sale Donors

Michelle Adams, John & Barbara Allbright, Jamie Anderson, Anderson Coffee, Laurina Anderson, John Bailey, Melissa & Jim Barringer, Bastrop Economic Development Corporation, Bastrop Police Department, Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office, Bastrop County Texas Exes, Joe & Nancy Beal, Ella Bedford, Pat Beeman, J. Birkner, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Sharon Boatright, Tammy Boatright, Pat Brannon, Kim Bratton, Beckie Bright, Harvey & Dee Bristol, Ann & Larry Brown, Sue & Stewart Brubaker, Wendi Bucher, Melissa Burger, Marnie & John Burke, Paula Burnette, Barbara Caldwell, Calvary Episcopal Church, Dee Carter, Wil & Catherine Casey, Central Market, Marilyn Hernandez, Central Texas Barricades, Lee & Duncan Charlton, Dixie Chatham, Sandy Chipley & Chuck Kellogg, Denise Christensen, Michelle Clark, Barbara & Robert Clemons, Coffee Dog, ColoVista, Becky Copeland, Marilyne & Jim Cox, Pat and Bill Crawford, Glenda & Wayne Dayton, Kirsten Dodge, Sandra Dunaway, Betty Dunkerley, EMS Party Rental, Marc Elson, Joe Emmert, Bill Ennis, Anita Feigenbaum, First Baptist Church, First National Bank, Frontier Bank, Kelly & Doug Gabriel, Sherri Gilmore, Marilyn Glass, Debbi Goertz, Kelly Goldsmith, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Grace Miller Restaurant, Nancy Grau, Dianna Greenwood, Pam Guidry, James & Sue Gurka, Neil & Betty Gurwitz, Bobby & Teri Harriman, Lone Star Storage, Susie Harriman, Russ Hawkins, Dan Hays-Clark, Barbara Hefner, HEB, Rich & Carol Heimsch, Vic & Fauna Heineman, Jean  & Mike Helmick, Bob Higgins, Home Depot, Billy Helms, Hope House, Lucy Todd & Frank Huffman, Jane & Rob Hunt, Ruth Jansa, Linda Jensen, Stephanie & Bobby Jenkins, Sharah & David Johnson, Johnson’s Bakery, Michael & Debbie Jokovich, Karen Kahan, Jane Kana, Caitlin Keating, Toni & Ken Kesselus, Tonya & Clay Kibby, Clark & Priscilla Knopik, Marilyn Kuhn, Ladies of Charity, Kathryn Lang, Jennifer Leisure, Lisa & Sammy Lerma, Jim Lewis & Tina Fucile, Nancy Lewis, Liberty Glenn, Tom & Joelle Lengel, Paul Linne, Lost Pines Boy Scouts, Capital Area Council, Lost Pines Cleaners, Carlos Liriano, Lost Pines Toyota, Deb Lutz, Main Street Café, Irene Massey, Monarch Disposal, K. Morales Family, Ofelia Mayo & Michael Vandusen, Charles & Kathy Mazac, Leon & Molly McClure, Mark McLaurin, Mary McMurrey, Diane McNew, Cynthia Meyer, Body Toners, Billy & Kathleen Moore, Julie Moore & Greg Bickwermert, Neighbors Kitchen & Yard, Linda Neubauer, Barbara Miller, June Pace, Paw Paw’s, Gloria Perkins, Ron & Delisa Pettit, WCU Services, John & Kelli Postle, Curt & Sally Quimby, Faye Randal, Ann & Richard Smarzik, Relics, Rob Robinson, Bob & Deborah Rogers, Saint Paul Catholic Church, Ed & Jane Sanders, Terry & Robbie Sanders, David & Libby Sartain, Maxine’s, Joycelyn Schedler, Schlotzsky’s, Jo Ann Schobel, Tom & Nancy Scott, Jane Sevier, Reid & Cindy Sharp, Simply Sweet, Jan Stringer, Dick & Duffy Smith, Pam Solly, Pete Sommers, Laurie South, Becky Steen, Jeanette & Carson Stephens, Bill & Mary Szelag, Tad & Phyllis Tadlock, Ann Tankersley, Texas Boots, Marc Conselman, Stacy Thompson, Liza Thrift, Jimmy Torres, Jane Travis, Minifred Trigg, Susie Tucker, Brenda Uptain, Barbara Vana, Viejo’s Taco y Tequila, Gisele Vocal, Walmart, Jeannie Weigl, Susan Wendel, Kay & Ben Wesson, Jeannine Williams, Deanna Williamson, Selina Wilson, Jane Wright, Capitol Wright Distributing, Jack & Susan Zelensky


A Special Thanks to Some Major Donors

Thanks to these folks whose donations generated some of our largest ticket sales, including:


Michelle Adams & Pete Sommers

John & Barbara Allbright

Wil & Catherine Casey

Lee & Duncan Charleton

Marilyn Cox

Doug & Kelly Gabriel

Stephanie & Bobby Jenkins

Sharah & David Johnson

Debbie Jokovich

Dr. Sammy & Lisa Lerma

Molly & Leon McClure

Ron & Delisa Pettit

Tad & Phyllis Tadlock

Mickey Turner

Susan Wendel

Kay & Ben Wesson


2017 BCHS Garage & Estate Sale Volunteers

These folks worked countless hours to sort, price, and stage the merchandise, and had a heck of a lot of fun doing it!  We will miss seeing your smiling faces each day. So, until the next sale, we raise our glass to YOU ……….


Barbara Allbright, Becky Anderson, Sherry Armstrong, Elexa Ashby, Laurie Bauer, Ann Beck, Joe Beal, Ella Bedford, Sharon Boatright, Joan Bohls, Mairi Boujemaa, Rachel Bracewell, Claire, Debbie & Patrick Bresette, Ann Brown, Sue & Stewart Brubaker, Baby Ruth Bullock, Paula Burnette, Barbara Caldwell, Lee Ann Calaway, Catherine & Wil Casey, Mary Casey, Lee Charleton, Sandra Chipley & Chuck Kellogg, Karen Clardy, Barbara Clemons, Kelly & Paul Coffey, Jacob Cook, Marilyne & Jim Cox, Bill & Pat Crawford, Jim Crouch, Glenda & Wayne Dayton, Treva Dayton, Willie De La Rosa, Debbie Denny, Summer Dion, Betty Dunkerley, Marc Elson, John Engelhardt, Judy & Lonnie Enis, Bill Ennis, Kerry Fossler, Janet Frizzell, Sue Ann Fruge, Tina Fucile & Jim Lewis, Sherri Gilmore, Jan & Mike Goebel, Debbi Goertz, Dianna Greenwood, Pam Guidry, Sue & James Gurka, Jami Gurka, Lee Harle, Andrea Haschke, Dan Hays-Clark, Fauna & Vic Heineman, Jill Helmcamp, Mike Helmick, Claudia Heslep, Bob Higgins, Michal Hubbard, Donna Huff, Jane & Rob Hunt, Sue Iha, Sharah & David Johnson,  Jim & Robin Jordan, David Junblut, Karen & Steve Kahan, Jane Kana, Doris Kershaw, Ken & Toni Kesselus, Kings Highway Daughters of the American Revolution, Kathy & Jeff Kirk, Charlie & Pat Kleinert, Clark, Priscilla & Jerome Knopik, Kristi Koch, Judi Kraus, Carol & Lynn Kysar, Kathryn Lang, Maureen Lueders, Lynn Lefgren, Jennifer Leisure, Patricia Lentz, Gilda Leyva, Jennifer Long, Tanya Lopez, Mary Lucas, John Massie, Libby McArdle, Molly McClure, Mark McLaurin, Mary McMurrey, Emily McPhaul, Malayne Merino, Billy Moore, Julie Moore, Mindi Morris, Sheila Muehr, Joe Newman, Dr. Patricia & Terry Orr, Leo Ortiz, Lynn Oualline, Barb Pape, Kelly Parobek, Janis Penick, Gloria Perkins, Jill Phinny, Bobby & Marsha Poole, Kellie Postle, Becky Rivers, Rob Robinson, Betty Rucker, Johnny Sanders, Robbie & Terry Sanders, Kaye Sapikas, Libby & David Sartain, Mary Schiff, Ulricke Schmidt, Connie Schroeder, Nancy & Tom Scott, Mary Searcy, Molly Searcy, Jane Sevier, Ron Shaver, Jan Schrode, Carol Snyder, Helen Stewart, Cheryl Stewig, Jan Stringer, Bill & Mary Szelag, Sarah Taylor, Janice & Steve Thaman, Donna Thomson, Lucy Todd, Alice & George Traugott, Patti & Mercedes Trevino, Minifred Trigg, Joe Grady Tuck, Brenda Uptain, Barbara Vana, Liz & Gene Waldrip, Karen Wallace, Jeannie & Tom Weigl, Susan Wendel, Kay Wesson, Marilyn Whites, Robert Wilhelm, Jeannine Williams, Jim Wither, Debra Wolverton, Jane Wright, Rachal Yates, Jennifer Zapalac and Jack Zelensky.


If we have omitted your name as a volunteer or donor, please accept our apology. To correct our information, contact Glenda Dayton at 512.718.1102, or Nancy Scott at 512.913.1708.


Special Thanks to the 2017 Garage & Estate Sale Leadership Team!!


Sharon Boatright

Debbie Bresette

Sue Brubaker

Paula Burnette

Wil Casey

Karen Clardy

Kelly Coffey

Marilyne Cox

Betty Dunkerley

Marc Elson

John Engelhardt

Sue Ann Fruge

Debbi Goertz

Andrea Haschke

Mike Helmick

Sharah Johnson

Jane Kana

Doris Kershaw

Jim Lewis

Molly McClure

Emily McPaul

Lynn Oualline

Robbie Sanders

Terry Sanders

Tom Scott

Sarah Taylor

Alice Traugott

Minifred Trigg

Liz Waldrip

Kay Wesson


Nancy Scott, Glenda Dayton, & Jeannie Weigl,

Co-Chairs, 2017 6th BCHS Community-Wide Garage & Estate Sale

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