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Bateman, two miles south of Red Rock in southern Bastrop County, was established in the early 1880s and named for one of the original settlers. With the coming of the railroad a few years later, it became a shipping point, and in 1900 a post office was established.



Butler, five miles southeast of Elgin, was established with the coming of the Texas and New Orleans Railroad in 1871.



Glenham (now Dunstan) is west of State Highway 95 in north central Bastrop County. It is one of several towns that sprang up during the lignite mining industry after 1900.



Grassyville, a small agricultural community 14 miles east of Bastrop in far eastern Bastrop County, was settled by German immigrants around 1856. In 1884, Grassyville had a population of 75 and two churches, a steam gristmill, a cotton gin and a district school.


Hills Prairie

Hills Prairie, four miles south of Bastrop, had its origins when Elisha Barton and Edward Jenkins settled in the area about 1830. Their settlement was called Hill’s Prairie after Abram Wiley (Wylie) Hill, a settler who bought 2,220 acres from Edward Jenkins’ widow, Sarah.


Phelan, an early coal mining town, was about three miles north of Bastrop. (It is now private property.)



Sayersville is a mile west of State Highway 95 and seven miles north of Bastrop in north central Bastrop County. The community became known as Sayersville in 1889, and was a producer of fuels such as cordwood and, after 1913, lignite. A fire halted operations in 1928.


St. Mary’s Colony

St. Mary's Colony, formerly a black community, is located in the far western corner of Bastrop County, 17 miles west of Bastrop on State Highway 21. The Doyle and Patton families founded the farming community shortly after emancipation when their former owners, George and Mary Doyle, gave them 2,000 acres of land.


String Prairie

String Prairie is on Highway 304 southwest of Rosanky in southern Bastrop County. A small settlement had sprung up on the site before the Civil War, and in 1886 a String Prairie post office was established.



Upton, seven miles south of Bastrop in central Bastrop County, traces its origins to settler J. P. Young’s arrival in the area in 1847.



Utley is seven miles northwest of Bastrop. It was established in the early 1850s by pioneer James Harvey Wilbarger as the site of his commissary and trading post for plantations in the area. It was named for Wilbarger’s wife, whose maiden name was Utley. 



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