The Bastrop County Historical Society (BCHS) held a ceremony on November 8, 2014 to honor Texas Rangers buried in Fairview Cemetery in Bastrop, Texas.  Fairview Cemetery is located in the 1100 Block of State Highway 95. The Historical Society, Sons of the Republic of Texas and the Former Texas Rangers Association hosted the event.


Texas Rangers are the oldest state law enforcement body in the United States. The Rangers have taken part in many of the most important events of Texas history. Early “ranging companies” secured a safe place for early settlers and their families, and assisted in the struggle to gain Texas’s independence from Mexico.


BCHS is aware of 15 Texas Rangers buried at Fairview. Known Texas Rangers are:

  • George Allen (1818-1907)

  • Theodore Bissell (1800-1876)

  • Charles Martin Brooks (1891-1925)

  • William Dunbar (1819-1855)

  • John L. Foster (1797-1872)

  • Daniel Grady (1822-1892)

  • Robert Henry Grimes (1814-1863)

  • William Thomas Grimes (1877-1936)

  • Jesse Holderman (1801-1850)

  • Malciajah Benjamin Highsmith (1827-1893)

  • John Holland Jenkins (1822-1890)

  • James Nicholson (1815-1885)

  • William Rehum Reding (1807-1858)

  • Campbell Taylor (1812-1888)

  • James P. Wallace (1819-1855)