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Current and Past Special Exhibits

All special exhibits are free to attendees.

History of Live Entertainment & Film in Bastrop County

October 19, 2019

In Bastrop County entertainment included wrestling matches, circuses, community theater, traveling opera companies, vaudeville troupes, burlesque shows and eventually, motion pictures.

Our new special exhibit explores all of these and more.

Exhibit will run through January 24th and is free.

Freedom Colonies of Bastrop County

June 07, 2019

The Freedom Colonies of Bastrop County documents the known colonies created by freed slaves after the Civil War. Prior to the research done for the exhibit only 13 colonies were known. A 42 member team of volunteers researched the colonies and have discovered an additional 12 brining the total to 25. All are featured in the current special exhibit that will run through September.

Maps - What They Tell Us

February 01, 2019

Maps from the museum archives are on display now! Stop by and see the newest special exhibit - Maps, What They Tell Us created by our Special Exhibit Manager, Michal Hubbard. The exhibit is free and will run through March.

Education in Bastrop

March 14, 2018

The first schools in Bastrop County were organized in 1839 and consisted of small one room buildings to instruct local students.  Since then the county and the school have grown and gone through many changes.

Our exhibit is open and free to the public - come, visit and see the changes in Bastrop education over the last 179 years.

Bastrop Ladies Reading Circle Celebrating 120 Years

August 25, 2017

The Magazine Club was organized in Bastrop on September 15, 1897.  The study of literature was the purpose of the club.  Mrs. B.D. Orgain was elected the first president and served the first of her three two year terms from 1897-1899.

The Club grew rapidly and was renamed the Bastrop Ladies Reading Circle in 1900. That year the ladies issued their first yearbook and studied American and English literature, Othello and contemporary literature.

For 120 years they have had numerous achievements which have enhanced life in Bastrop for all. 

The exhibit opens Saturday, September 9th and is free of charge.

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