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Music in the Museum

Presented on the 3rd Saturday of the month

Saturday, March 16, at 12:00 pm -2:00 pm
Bastrop County Historical Society Museum & Visitor Center
904 Main Street, Bastrop, TX












For Sarah Price, music has always felt like vibrant color in a black-and-white world.  And that’s saying something, considering she hails from one of the most picturesque places on earth: Paradise Valley, Montana.  Sarah cut her teeth on show tunes and musicals, beginning well before she started high school.

With a voice that brings to mind the honesty of Joni Mitchell and the sweetness of Alison Krauss, Sarah’s performances feel like her life in central Texas. Raw. Pure.  Made for big stages.


With a voice and acoustic guitar so perfectly matched it can’t help but carry you home, Sarah Price performs at the Music in the Museum monthly concert series on Saturday, March 16 at noon to 2 pm.

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Sarah Price

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